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Protecting Earth’s Resources

Working Together to Build a 100% Positive Future

Driving Environmental Solutions Through
Partnerships, Solutions and Expertise

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Water Stewardship

Ecolab believes in the importance of water in protecting the environment, human health and economic development in our communities. Through our stewardship efforts, we identify and support opportunities for our company and customers to reduce freshwater use and use water resources in ways that are socially and culturally equitable, economically beneficial and environmentally sustainable.

Our vision of a water-resilient future relies on action. We continue to drive corporate water management and work with partners across the globe to advance collective action in at-risk watersheds. All these efforts are directed at helping us achieve our 2030 Impact Goal to further expand our positive water impact.

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Climate Leadership

Climate change is among the most urgent challenges of our time. As a company with global manufacturing operations, we work tirelessly to minimize our total carbon footprint. But our greatest impact is through the work we do with our customers.

Ecolab energy-saving solutions and services help customers reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their own operations, which means that our positive impact on the planet is multiplied at more than 3 million locations around the world.

Through these continuous, combined efforts, we aim to deliver a net positive climate impact by 2030.

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Product Sustainability

When it comes to our products, we consider the total impact to both people and planet health.

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Global Sustainability Partnerships

Our partnerships with leading global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) strengthen our understanding of global challenges and help us extend our impact, as we work together toward common environmental goals.

Results and Impact

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Awards and Recognition

Review Ecolab’s latest awards and recognition.
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Reporting Resources

Access our current and past reporting documents, including our annual Corporate Responsibility Report.
Water University Tour Guide

Ecolab Again Recognized for Sustainability Leadership by CDP and Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indices

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Ecolab Announces ‘Ecolab Water for Climate’ Program to Help Companies Deliver on Water, Climate and Business Growth Goals

nature, world water day 2020, water, climate, nature, environment, world water day, WWD 2020

Now or Never: Companies, Climate Goals and Advancing a More Sustainable Future

We Help Customers Drive Lasting Impact
and Achieve an Exponential Return on Investment (eROI)

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our walls. Ecolab solutions help our customers achieve an exponential return on investment (eROI) — accelerating progress toward sustainable change by aligning economic and environmental benefits.

Learn More About eROI