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Sustainability or Growth? Why Not Both?

Many companies have set ambitious climate goals. We often hear that prioritizing sustainability compromises profitability. But what if you can pursue both?

Our impactful program, Ecolab Water for Climate, is designed to turn your climate commitments into local actions across your enterprise and advance sustainable business growth. Through our partnership, we provide you with tiered, outcome-based water solutions tailored to your industry.

Together, we help ensure businesses and their communities have access to the water they need to thrive.

Discover how you can use the power of water to grow your business — sustainably.

The Power of Water

Moving, cooling, heating and treating water across your facility requires energy. Ecolab has the expertise, resources and technologies to reduce your water usage, helping lower your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecolab Water for Climate™ helps deliver on your sustainability and business growth goals with a four step approach:

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Understand Goals

  • Publicly stated water and climate goals
  • Approach to meet goals within operational constraints
  • Site-level goals versus enterprise goals 


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Gain Insights

  • Asset level surveys and operational site assessments
  • End-to-end engineering audits
  • Blueprints to reach goals across the enterprise


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Implement Actions

Holistic, industry-specific water solutions with resources to manage implementation:

  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Advanced chemistries
  • Digital technologies
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Deliver Outcomes

Enterprise-wide partnerships with outcome-based pricing that drives:

  • Reduction in water, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Brand equity protection
  • Operational/cost efficiency

Push What’s Possible With Water

Learn more about how we tailor the Ecolab Water for Climate program to your enterprise.

Dairy Manufacturing Plant with bottles of milk on a conveyor. Reaching water reduction potential.

Ecolab Water for Climate in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Lift Up Water Reduction Goals In Your Operations

Pressure is high in the food and beverage industry to address the water scarcity issue and maintain business continuity. It’s not enough to simply focus on the local water problem of the day. Instead, it’s critical to the success of your business to always push what’s possible with water—like you continuously push for better ingredients or packaging.

With Ecolab, you can:

  • Design your water program with the entire plant in mind
  • Adapt what is working in one plant for every plant
Ecolab partners with data centers to help reduce industrial water usage and realize water reduction potential.

Ecolab Water for Climate in Data Centers

In a Connected Universe, Can Data Centers Keep Pace Without Water?

A connected universe means more data and more data centers to keep cool. And water is an efficient coolant. But in many places, water is already running out—which is why everyone is concerned with your water consumption:

When using water is your best option but you can’t use too much, you need to prioritize balance. That starts with pushing what’s possible with water so you can use less and explore other sources with confidence.

With Ecolab, you can:

  • Vet all your cooling options
  • Benchmark water and cooling efforts
  • Align local water variance with your corporate goals

Ecolab in the Media

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Push What’s Possible With Water

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