Territory Rep selling / showing Chef phone with Ecolab Sales & Service site in kitchen

Why Clean Matters

Research from Technomic, a restaurant industry research and consulting firm, confirms what leading chefs and restaurateurs know intuitively—clean tableware is a leading factor affecting restaurant guests’ dining experiences. See why sparkling clean wine glasses and spotless silverware are key to ensuring diners walk away with positive impressions of restaurants—and keep coming back for future visits.

Business Case for Clean

Studies by Purdue University, as well as 80,000 surveys associated with Technomic's Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics Program, found that cleanliness, in particular tableware, interiors, food prep areas and restrooms, are among the top considerations for restaurant guests when determining where to eat. Hear the experts behind these studies and the National Restaurant Association's President and CEO discuss why clean matters in driving business results.

The People Behind the Clean

It’s early morning, before sunrise, but Todd Ratzlaff is already on the road to meet his first customer of the day. “I look forward to being with my customers, learning their businesses and being there to help,” he explains. As an Ecolab Representative, Todd helps customers protect their employees and guests with industry-leading products and service. Hear why Todd is passionate about what he does—and what that means to Ecolab customers.

The Science Behind the Clean

Restaurateurs and chefs know their Ecolab Service Associates by name—but they usually don’t get to meet Ecolab’s over 750 Research & Development Associates worldwide. See how these talented chemists, scientists and researchers are working to solve restaurateurs’ biggest challenges, from how to get sparkling clean glassware to finding ways to save on utility costs. It’s all in a day’s work in the Ecolab R&D labs.

Food Safety: A Chef's Perspective

Chef Russo takes local sourcing and sustainable operations to a new level. From fresh elk tenderloins in the cooler or baskets of parsnips delivered by a nearby farmer, nearly all Heartland’s ingredients come from within a 200-mile radius of the restaurant. To provide the experience his guests expect, a high degree of precision is required to ensure every item is prepared properly and safely. See how Chef Russo achieves cleanliness while minimizing their environmental impact.

Food Safety: ActiveView HDI

Greater awareness of food safety issues means chain restaurant operators need a way to collect and understand health department inspections to protect their brands. The Solution: ActiveView HDI (Health Department Intelligence). ActiveView HDI manages health department inspection data, providing insights to help take action to resolve potential food safety risks. See how you can focus your efforts on fixing potential issues instead of spending time trying to identify them.