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Together, Advancing Hotel Operations

Helping hotel operators and hotel management groups deliver clean, inviting spaces that attract guests and employees and inspire trust and loyalty.

As a trusted partner in cleaning, disinfection and infection prevention, we help hotels promote a heightened level of cleanliness and advance hygiene protocols throughout and across properties. With a commitment to improving safety, sustainability and bottom-line potential, we work behind the scenes, on the front lines and in partnership with customers to optimize and enhance hygiene results and practices, reduce risk and drive consistency, efficiency and compliance across operations.

Hotel housekeeping using Ecolab Rapid Multi Disinfectant Cleaner

The New 4-in-1 Disinfectant Cleaner

Rapid Multi Disinfectant Cleaner has soft surface sanitation, leading claims, and broad application and surface versatility to help drive efficient operations.

Housekeeping associate making a bed in a hotel room

Together We Can Optimize Your On Premise Laundry Operations

Easy-to-use, hardworking solutions for powerful stain fighting and hygienically clean linens, powering safe, efficiency on premise laundry operations — and great guest experiences.

Help Offset Labor Challenges By Boosting Cleaning Efficiency

On-Demand Webinar

Join Ecolab experts across hospitality, facility care, education, foodservice and long-term care industries as they share insights, practical solutions and best practices to help optimize cleaning operations and offset labor challenges.

Female employee in coffee shop

A Partnership Perspective

Helping Offset the Labor Squeeze and Tightening Operations.  Labor challenges continue to impact many industries and business segments — some of the most significant shortages are hitting areas where demands are higher than ever.

4-in-1 cleaning solution being used

Be Prepared for Virus Season All Year Long

Keep employees and guests healthy year-round and during the peak times of the cold, flu and virus season. Learn more about the solutions, training and expertise Ecolab offers to deliver clean and healthy spaces year round.

Dog and girl

Solutions for Hotels that Welcome Pet Guests

Learn how you can help promote safety and exceptional experience for all guests while enabling labor efficiencies and asset protection by killing pathogens, removing odors, and tackling tough stains.

Improve Financial Performance

Our comprehensive approach powers outcomes that help improve financial performance: Delighted guests, a protected reputation and optimized hotel operations.

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High-performing, science-based products and programs help provide a heightened level of cleanliness, simplify procedures, improve user experience and drive labor efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Proven Expertise Icon

A team of Ecolab experts deliver unmatched science-based guidance — from on-site support with programs and procedures to R&D and advisory support with problem-solving, public health, food safety and compliance.

Actionable Insights Icon

Targeted training and insights help optimized operations, reduce risk, and improve consistency, safety compliance and productivity.

Learn How Ecolab Helps Power Critical Outcomes

Ready To Help You With Your Biggest Challenges — And Improve Day-to-Day Operations


Simplify and Speed Up Cleaning

Our 2+1 housekeeping program reduces the number of products, amount of time and physical effort required to clean and disinfect a room—while eliminating tough odors, like marijuana, fast.

Ecolab disinfectant cleaning products against SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19

Fast-Acting Disinfectants

One of the broadest portfolios of solutions proven effective against the virus that causes COVID-19, for use in a variety of applications including sprays, wipes, electrostatic sprayers and more.


Remove Tough Stains

Reduce reclaim and rework/rewashing with a high-performing stain management program that removes tough stains and soils keeping your linens cleaner and whiter longer.

Odor-free hotel bedroom

Pass the Sniff Test

Tackle everyday smells and your toughest odors, like marijuana, smoke and garbage, in large and small spaces with effective odor eliminators, room refreshers and other air freshener systems.

See Our Value in Action 

See How Ecolab Helps a Hotel Group Achieve Optimal Results Across Properties

See How Ecolab Helps Resort Overcome Tough Challenges

Learn How Ecolab Can Bring Value to Your Hotel Operations

Tips From Ecolab Hospitality Experts 

Restaurant staff wiping down a table

Making the Shift: Cleaning for Confidence vs. Cleaning for Appearance

Man pushing a large cart with folded commercial laundry

More than Chemistry: The Keys to Hygienically Clean Laundry

Tips for improving laundry results

Tips for Improving Laundry Results

Restaurant worker smiling and standing behind a glass door that has the ESC logo on it

Advancing Cleaner, Safer Practices

Ecolab’s Science Certified™ Program helps you deliver guest assurance through a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program that combines science-backed products, procedures and training with periodic auditing to help deliver a higher level of cleanliness and advance cleaner, safer practices.

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