2018 Food Safety Authored Articles

Fruit Flies as Potential Vectors of Foodborne Illness

Authors: E. P. Black,* G. J. Hinrichs, S. J. Barcay, and D. B. Gardner

Publication: Journal of Food Protection. 81(3):509-514


Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide Post-dip Decay Kinetics on Red Meat and Poultry

Authors: Richard J. Walsh, Bruce White, Lauren Hunker, Oriana Leishman, John Hilgren and Deborah Klein

Publication: Food Protection Trends. 38(2): 96-103

Abstract: Antimicrobial processing aids are used to mitigate the food safety risk from pathogens that may be present on poultry and beef products. Although efficacy is well documented, post-application decay of the antimicrobial peracetic acid (and the equilibrium by-product hydrogen peroxide) has not been documented. This was the purpose of the study. Chicken and beef samples were dipped in solutions of > 2000 parts per million (ppm) peracetic acid for 30 seconds and then set on a drying rack for set time periods. After times ranging from 0.5 to 30 minutes, samples were assayed for residual peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide content. The assay consisted of immersing the sample in water and shaking for 30 seconds to recover the residue. The rinse water was then titrated to measure residuals....