2013 Food Safety Expert
Authored Articles

2013 Food Safety Expert Authored Articles

Culture Methods for Enumeration of Microorganisms

Authors: Petran, Ruth L., Grieme, Linda E. and Foong-Cunningham, Sally C.C.

Publication: Compendium of Methods for Microbiological Examination of Foods, 5th ed. (2013)


The application of high-concentration-short time chlorine dioxide treatment for selected specialty crops including Roma tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum), cantaloupes (Cucumis melo ssp. melo var. cantaloupensis) and strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa)

Authors: Trinetta, V., R.H. Linton, and M.T. Morgan

Publication: Food Microbiology 34(2):296-302. (2013)


Top 5 reasons restaurants fail health inspections

Author: Petran, R.

Publication: Restaurant Hospitality (online) Sept. 3., 2013


Use of chlorine dioxide gas for the postharvest control of Alternaria alternata and Stemphylium vesicarium on Roma tomatoes

Authors: Trinetta V., M. Morgan, and R. Linton

Publication: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 93:3330-3333. (2013)


Fruits and Vegetables

Authors: Danyluk, M.D., M.K. Fatica, P.K. Grewal, R. McEgan, A.M. Valadez, K.R. Schneider, and V. Trinetta

Publication: Compendium of methods for the microbiological examination of Foods. 5th Ed. APHA Publication, USA. (2013)


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